Announcing Our New Websites


Announcing our New District and School Websites

After months of hard work, Evergreen School District is excited to announce the complete redesign of our district, 16 schools, and Mental Health | CONNECTIONS websites are finally here! We analyzed statistics from all the previous eesd websites to learn what information was most popular and based this redesign to best meet the needs of our parents, students, staff, and the Evergreen community.

The website you’re currently viewing is the end result of a research-driven process, and we’re incredibly proud of how it turned out. Here are some of the most important features:

Parent Hub icon

Audience-based customization
The days of the cluttered, single-purpose homepage are over. One of the biggest changes you will see is how information is now organized by every major audience that the district and our schools serve. For example, let’s say you’re a parent: By visiting the Parent Hub on your school’s website, you now have a central page or portal, designed with resources, news, events, and general information that parents need daily. To find your Parent Hub, click the link in the top menu bar or use the quick link below the hero slideshow. We think parents will like their Parent Hub page so much, they will bookmark it for quick and easy access.

RSS icon

A more powerful calendar
Our event calendar is also mobile friendly with list and month views that display beautifully on all devices. Most importantly, the calendar is full of major dates and events — from major holidays and back to school nights, to testing dates and board meetings. Remember you can easily subscribe to your school’s calendar, using the grey RSS feed button, to instantly add events that are important to you to your personal calendar, or as a reminder on your phone.

Translation menu

Webpage content can be translated into 5 different languages including Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Telugu, and Vietnamese.

Website Accessibility
Our new website is designed with accessibility in mind. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Evergreen School District schools are committed to providing accessible web content for all individuals seeking online information about our programs, services, and activities.

Take a tour

Take a Tour
We encourage you to take a few minutes to get acquainted with your school’s, the district’s, and our Mental Health | CONNECTIONS new websites. Begin with the guided tour that starts on the front page of your school’s website to learn about key features.

Feedback & Questions? 
If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions regarding our new website or would like to see something added, please send your requests to