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Does Your Company Match Your Donations?
Posted 10/01/2019 12:57PM
Your Company May Match Your Donations!

There is a good chance that your employer offers a Corporate Matching Program... many large companies do! This program allows you to request a donation match for your charitable giving... such as your pledge donation to Silver Oak Educational Partnership (SOEP)! Please check our list of known companies that match donations HERE. If you do not see your company listed, please inquire with your HR department.

Procedures to request donation-matches vary from company to company, so please check with your employer for specific guidelines. Some will match after your donation is made, while others want you to initiate your pledge through them and they will send both checks together. Our SOEP/PTO Pledge Team is able and willing to assist with a variety of different company guidelines to obtain their generous match. Feel free to contact the Pledge Team with any questions you might have...

Donation matches are an incredible way to boost your own personal support of Silver Oak. It is important to note that it is your personal pledge alone that determines Pledge Drive level and prize eligibility. The reason for this is due to the varying timelines for companies to execute their match, and the fact that not all students have parents that work for companies with a matching program. The majority of matching funds are received after the Pledge Drive period concludes... sometimes even at the end of the school year. We look at Corporate Matching as a generous bonus boost for the school, and therefore for our kids. We hope you understand and agree that it is simpler and more fair to consider just personal pledges when setting levels and awarding prizes.

Every donation is very appreciated and needed! Thank you Silver Oak Community for your support!

Questions about Corporate Matching?
Email our Corporate Match Team at


Silver Oak Educational Partnership (SOEP) = Silver Oak Elementary PTO

SOEP is the original 501c3 non-profit organization founded to serve Silver Oak Elementary School as an educational foundation. SOEP is registered to do business under the alias "Silver Oak Elementary PTO". We have found that companies that match their employee donations find it easier to approve corporate matching requests if they come from SOEP vs. PTO... therefore we are now including the SOEP name in our messaging.

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