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Dr. Seuss QuoteMillbrook has an outstanding library and media center containing a wide variety of books, audio-visual materials, and other equipment.

About Millbrook LibraryDragon with book

Primary students (1st - 3rd) check out one book per week. At the 2nd semester or half of the school year, 3rd graders are allowed to choose up to two books. Upper students (4th - 6th) come to the library once every other week and are always welcome to choose up to two books. Library books are due during class checkout on week of due date.

Library Computers

Millbrook library has computers available that students can use during their class checkout times. These can be used for AR quizzes, Raz-Kids, or other computer activities deemed appropriate.

Find AR Books

If you are wondering if a book is the appropriate AR level for you or your child, there is a website that can help you! Click on the AR BookFinder link below to find out the AR book level and if the book your child is reading has an AR test. Most, but not all library books have an AR quiz.

AR Book Finder

What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

Accelerated Reader (AR), created by Renaissance Learning, Inc., is an individualized reading program used at to assess and improve each student’s reading skills and to increase reading enjoyment. Read the Parent's Guide to AR BookFinder to learn more.

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