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K Smith Habit of the Week: THINK-Use Evidence to Support Claims
Posted 10/06/2017 02:00PM

People make claims all the time-sometimes when expressing an opinion such as their favorite sport, trying to explain their reasoning in how they solved a math problem, or even in determining what really happened to all the dinosaurs. Then question then becomes "How do you know?" or "What makes you say that?" We use these simple questions to prompts our students to share their thinking and develop clear, coherent arguments. As this skill continues to develop, students will use examples from a speech, facts from a website, or even cite specific examples from a text they are reading. To take it one step further, we eventually ask students to consider other points of view and think about what a counter-argument might be. Ultimately, we believe that this skills leads to developing critical thinkers and we know this is incredibly important to be prepared for the world!

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