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Tool of the Week: The Quiet/Safe Place Tool
Posted 10/16/2017 12:00PM

The Quiet/Safe Place Tool-Quietness gives one strength. When we have a "place" of solace, safety, and quiet, then creativity, imagination, and self-expression emerge naturally. One way we to feel safe is when we have a quiet, safe place physically. The Quiet/Safe Place Tool is a way of remembering our quiet stillness. When we listen from the quiet place within our hearts, we make space to hear our natural wisdom.

We use earmuffs to represent the Quiet/Safe Place Tool. These help us shut out the distractions around us and concentrate. To practice, we ask students to cover their ears, close their eyes, and remember their quiet, safe place. This can be their gesture for shutting out the noise around them and can remind them they can always go to their quiet safe place when needed.

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