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Five Tips for a Good Parent-Teacher Conference
Posted 10/23/2019 12:52PM
1. Plan for the conference. Talk to your child. Write down questions. Look at your child's schoolbooks and the work he/she brings home. Think about your child's learning style and study habits. 2. Ask questions about your child's schoolwork, his relationship with students and teachers, and any class or school rules you do not understand. 3. Share any information that might help the teacher develop a better understanding of your child. 4. Decide with the teacher what, if anything, needs to be done to support your child. Agree on plans, responsibilities and future steps before you leave. 5. Follow up. Implement your end of any agreement. Keep in touch with the teacher. If the plans do not seem to be working, or if new problem develops, set another appointment to speak to the teacher.

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