At the end of each school year students select their elective class choices. Elective classes are assigned on a space available basis. Priority is given to eighth grade students first and if there is not enough interest to warrant an elective, that course may be dropped from our master schedule. Here are the elective classes offered at Chaboya:

Animal Lore

This class is all about animals-their anatomy, special characteristics, predator/prey relationships, and eating habits. The class is basically a zoology class. Many drawing and labeling assignments are backed with discussions and videos. Students investigate myths, legends, facts, fiction, and skills of animals. Emphasis is on details of insects, sharks, spiders, wolves, lions, snakes and venomous creatures.

Art and Design

A variety of art concepts are explored in Fine Art and Design. You will learn to draw buildings, people, places, still life objects, and cursive/calligraphy. We mix colors with paint/pigments/pastels and learn various painting techniques as we discuss careers and discover how art influenced cultures, society, and history throughout the world.


AVID is a college-focused program designed to help students develop necessary skills such as; organizational techniques, critical thinking, note-taking, and additional strategies that improve learning. Twice a week students take part in tutorials where they work in collaborative settings alongside tutors to persevere through challenging academic roadblocks. AVID students are taught to self-advocate, speak with confidence, and be leaders on the Chaboya campus. The AVID elective is available to eighth grade students with a 2.5-3.5 G.P.A. Students must have the desire to do well academically, attend college, commit to a year long elective, and a willingness to invest time and effort to excel in their studies. Priority is given to 1st generational college hopefuls.

Band - (only year-long elective)

  • Concert Band is open to all students who play a band instrument or who want to learn to play one. This band gives students the opportunity to explore music making and prepares them to play in the Symphonic Band. Students play from the book “Traditions of Excellence” levels 1 and 2.Students play at concerts and top music festivals. Students learn new skills every day.
  • Symphonic Band is a top award-winning band. Entrance is through audition or permission by the director only. The band plays from “Traditions of Excellence” levels 2 and 3 as well as many selected pieces from standard band repertoire. Students learn technical skills, musical independence, musical artistry, and mastery while they play in top-level competitions, music festivals, concerts, and assemblies.

Guitar/Ukulele Music is for everyone. In guitar class students learn to read staff notation and tablature, as well as chord and bass charts. Students learn how to accompany themselves and others on the guitar. Basic tuning concepts are also introduced. Students are invited to perform before a live audience in either the Winter or Spring concert.


Chaboya is always searching for the next Bobby Fischer. If you’ve ever wanted to beat your friends at chess or your brother or sister, Chess is the class for you. If you don’t know the difference between the Dragon Variation or a Poison Pawn Sicilian, this is the class for you. We’ll study the games of past world champions like Anand, Capablanca, Kasparov, and Tal. Anderssen’s Immortal Game, Lasker’s famous double bishop sacrifice, The Game of the Century played by a 13 year-old Bobby Fischer, you’ll see them all. Along the way, you’ll improve your writing and presentation skills, organization, and critical thinking. And, it’s all fun! Sign up for chess and see if you can guess the world champion’s next move? By the end of the semester, you’ll be surprised how often you can!

Computer Technology

Have fun in Computer Technology while developing practical skills you will be able to use in your academic and personal lives. Discover free open source software and online resources. Learn 3D drawing, 3D printing, blogging, coding, and how to improve keyboarding skills. Collaborate and work in teams to produce videos, podcasts, and musical compositions.

Intro to Computer Science

This is a generalized computer science course that acquaints students with problem-solving methods, structured programming, and modular design. Students will learn how to program in Scratch, an easy to use visual programming language, to create innovative artifacts. The aim is to use computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.


Chaboya's Student Body Leadership is an elective class that is primarily for 8th graders, however, students in 7th grade may also participate if they have a teacher recommendation from their elementary school. Students that participate in Leadership are committed to being helpful and spirited to make the school a better place for all the students attending Chaboya. Leadership class holds many activities for our students. Spirit rallies, noontime activities, fundraisers, the student store, special events days, and dances are provided for all students in good standing.

Life Skills

Skills learned from core subjects (math, science, social studies, and language arts) are applied to real-life situations in order to better prepare students for their futures. Personal and social cooking is highlighted. The program includes: Food Science, Nutrition, Food Preparation, Multi-cultural Cuisine, Consumer Education and Personal Budgeting, Goal Setting, and Independent living; filling out job applications, learning how to interview, writing a cover letter and resume, and filling a check register.

Drama Students produce one play per semester. Also, students learn voice projection, acting skills, public speaking skills, listening skills, and singing and dancing (sometimes), depending on the play. There are major parts and minor roles for those not so adventurous. Backstage students help with lights, sound, curtain, and props.


This introductory course is designed to immerse our 8th grade students in the Spanish language and culture through a variety of activities. By participating in this course, 8th grade students will have the foundation needed to succeed in the next level of high school Spanish.


Using writing, photography, and speaking skills, this elective encourages students to work with a team of others to produce Chaboya’s school monthly newspaper, the “Colts Chronicle,” produce Chaboya’s annual yearbook, and produce Chaboya’s weekly broadcast announcements. Students learn to write different kinds of news articles, interview students and staff, learn basic photography skills and elements of an excellent photograph, and learn publishing and leadership skills relevant to publishing a school newspaper and yearbook.

Teacher Assistant/Office Assistant

Students must request an application from the teacher/secretary for whom they intent to be a teacher/office assistant. Student must have parent/guardian and administration approval. Students may not be a TA/OA for more than one semester. Teachers/Secretaries are limited to five TAs per semester. The goal of this course is to improve reading, writing and numeracy skills, and effective communication skills. Increase the ability to build good relationships with children and adults. Develop excellent organizational skills, flexibility, and creativity.


Gemellos, GeorgeEmail George Gemellos
Chess (J7)

Jones, Sharon websiteEmail Sharon Jones
Drama (A5/A6)

Khor, IreneEmail Irene Khor
Introduction to Computer Science

Kolber, Karen websiteEmail Karen Kolber
Band/Guitar (G4)

Meacham, Marie websiteEmail Marie Meacham
Art (F2)

Sevilla, Robert websiteEmail Robert Sevilla
Computer Technology (C7)

Spacek, SaraEmail Sara Spacek

Spence, WendyEmail Wendy Spence
Spanish (B5)

Steinberg, Susan websiteEmail Susan Steinberg
Life Skills (F1)

Trent, ScottEmail Scott Trent
Animal Lore (F4)

Truong, TamEmail Tam Truong

Jones, EvanEmail Evan Jones
Yearbook/Journalism (E6)
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